The University of California requires answers to four out of eight Personal Insight Questions as part of their application, which is due November 30. The University explains these questions this way.

Imagine UC was a person. If we met face-to-face, what would you want us to know about you? These personal insight questions allow you to tell us. You could write about your creative side. Your thoughts on leadership. A challenge you’ve faced. Whatever questions you answer, make sure you show us your personality—just as you would in real life.

This webinar, offered by LifeLaunchr coach Jamie Wallace, explained the rationale behind the questions and how to respond to each one. Check out the video recording above.

The Personal Insight Questions are a way for applicants to put their applications in context. That may mean explaining your passion for a certain subject, discussing some adversity you’ve faced, or your goals in attending the University of California.

Key Topics

Jamie Wallace’s webinar addressed:

  • Why the University of California prompts are different
  • Why they aren’t looking for an essay
  • Key factors in each of the 8 University of California essays
  • Tips on what to do and what to avoid
  • Why your English teacher would not approve

This webinar was meant for:

  • Students (and parents of students) in senior year who are interested in applying to the Universities of California
  • Students (and parents of students) in junior year, to get a preview of what’s involved
  • Counselors seeking to help students with the process

Getting Personalized Help With the University of California Personal Insight Questions

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