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Personalized, Expert College Admissions Coaching

LifeLaunchr's coaches can help you with every aspect of the college admissions and planning process: college selection, essays, financial aid, scholarships, and more.

Expert Coaching

Coaching with all aspects of the complex college admissions process: essays, financial aid, college selection, application support.

Priorities and Deadline Reminders

Reminders of scholarships, college application deadlines, test, and college fairs based on LifeLaunchr’s four-year roadmap for high school.

Expert Answers to Your Questions

Ask any question related to college admission and get an expert, timely answer.

College Match

LifeLaunchr College Match helps you find colleges based on over 35 criteria and assess your costs, likelihood of admission, and earnings potential.

Scholarship Match

LifeLaunchr Scholarship Match connects you with legitimate scholarships tailored to you, based on over two dozen criteria.

College & Career Planning Tools

Explore career alternatives and discover the best fit for you.

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LifeLaunchr Webinar:

Find Colleges That Save You Money

Who should attend:

  • Parents of students in every year of high school
  • Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school
  • Aspiring transfer students and students in community college
  • Counselors and coaches

College can now cost as much as $280,000 for a four-year degree. For many families, this is the most expensive investment other than their home. So finding a good financial fit has become as critical to a successful college search as academic and social fit.

This webinar, by LifeLaunchr founder Venkates Swaminathan (Swami) and TuitionFit Founder Mark Salisbury, helps you find colleges that offer a great education while saving you money.

  • Find the actual prices that colleges charge different types of students
  • Understand how the college financing system works, and learn how to make it work for you
  • Find your own projected ROI for any college

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