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Find Your Dream College

LifeLaunchr’s Premium College Search helps you find colleges that are a great-fit for you based on many criteria including academics, affordability, diversity, size, and location.

Explore Your Interests

LifeLaunchr’s Interest Test helps uses the Holland Interest Inventory to help you identify your interest profile. Find your career and educational interests in just a few minutes.

Linda King’s Targeted College Admissions Coaching Package

Finding the right-fit school for each student and family requires both expertise and a deep knowledge of the student’s personality and their needs. Linda King has over 20 years expertise as a counselor and graduate instructor in counseling. This college admissions coaching package focuses on helping each student find the best-fit school and grooming them for admissions.

Getting a Clue: Career Planning Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Career

COURSE: Using the Secrets of Screenwriting to Write Your Personal Statement

This unique, six-part course by Ethan Sawyer (“The College Essay Guy”) shows you how to use the techniques of screenwriting to write a great personal statement. Ethan has been helping students tell their stories for more than ten years.

Getting a Clue: Career Planning Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Career

COURSE: Career Planning Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Career

Before you choose a college, it’s critical to spend time on career planning. The key to success in college is knowing what you want to study and where.

Six Steps to College Admissions

COURSE: Six Steps to College Admissions

If you’re applying to college, or supporting someone applying to college, this course is a critical overview of the entire process, summarized as six steps to college admissions.

Over 2,000 Families Have Used LifeLaunchr

LifeLaunchr suggested colleges I hadn’t known about before, and new activities to enhance my application.

Dylan L.

Student, Millbrae, CA, Mills High School

I wanted to help my special needs son choose a school to fit his needs and to stand out among other exceptional students. LifeLaunchr  gave us extremely helpful advice on how to approach these issues.

Barbara A.

Parent, Boston, MA

My coach gave me some great advice for my essays and helped make them stand out! She also helped me plan my time and get essays done on time.

Kedar Raman

Student, Plano, TX

I was hesitant thinking it might be a waste of money. I was so wrong! You opened our eyes to so many ideas. I’m incredibly thankful.

Trisha D.

Parent, Orlando, FL

Here Are Some of the Universities Where They Gained Admission

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