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Here’s Why Parents and Students love LifeLaunchr

LifeLaunchr suggested colleges I hadn’t known about before, and new activities to enhance my application.

Dylan L.

Student, Millbrae, CA, Mills High School

An innovative way to integrate social media into the college application process.

Joshua Weintraub

Counselor, Oakland, CA, Lighthouse Community Charter School

Very intuitive ... helps you display information that colleges are looking for.


Spokane, WA, Riverpoint Academy

I was hesitant thinking it might be a waste of money. I was so wrong! You opened our eyes to so many ideas. I’m incredibly thankful.

Trisha D.

Parent, Florida

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Six Steps to College Admissions

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Getting a Clue: Career Planning Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Career

Getting a Clue: Career Planning Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Career

Before you choose a college, it’s critical to spend time on career planning. The key to success in college is knowing what you want to study and where.

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Getting a Clue: Career Planning Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Career

10 Strategies to Impress College Admissions Officials - A Guide for Parents

Whether your teen is a freshman or senior, this course will give you a great introduction to how to impress college admissions officials.

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