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Personalized college admissions coaching to help maximize your college and career options.

Personalized Expert Coaching

LifeLaunchr’s coaches can help you with every aspect of the college admissions and planning process: college selection, essays, financial aid, scholarships, and more.

Expert Coaching

Coaching with all aspects of the complex college admissions process: essays, financial aid, college selection, application support.

Priorities and Deadline Reminders

Reminders of scholarships, college application deadlines, test, and college fairs based on LifeLaunchr’s four-year roadmap for high school.

Expert Answers to Your Questions

Ask any question related to college admission and get an expert, timely answer.

College Match

LifeLaunchr College Match helps you find colleges based on over 35 criteria and assess your costs, likelihood of admission, and earnings potential.

Scholarship Match

LifeLaunchr Scholarship Match connects you with legitimate scholarships tailored to you, based on over two dozen criteria.

College & Career Planning Tools

Explore career alternatives and discover the best fit for you.

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LifeLaunchr Webinar:

How LifeLaunchr Can Help Your Teen Find and Get Into Their Best-Fit College

Who should attend:

  • Parents of students in every year of high school
  • Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school
  • Aspiring transfer students and students in community college
  • Counselors and coaches
  • Learn how LifeLaunchr can help you unravel the secrets of the “holistic admissions” process:

    • Understand the factors in the admission decision process
    • Build a smart, statistically sound college list
    • Plan curriculum to maximize your college prospects
    • Understand what matters about sports and extracurricular activities
    • Demonstrate your character and resilience
    • Improve your chances of athletic admissions
    • Navigate the admissions process
    • Write winning college admissions essays
    • Maximize your financial aid and scholarships
    • Get answers to your questions

    From the access to advice from seasoned writing coaches to the reminders to the scholarship emails, it was almost like we had a professional college counselor in the family.

    Carol L.

    Parent, Piedmont, CA, Piedmont High School

    I wanted to help my special needs son choose a school to fit his needs and to stand out among other exceptional students. LifeLaunchr  gave us extremely helpful advice on how to approach these issues.

    Barbara A.

    Parent, Boston, MA

    LifeLaunchr really helped not only in terms of picking a college and choosing the right one, but in the college application process, because it's such a lengthy and confusing process.

    Kedar Raman

    Student, Plano, TX

    From outstanding math and science tutoring for subject tests to fantastic essay writing support to expert help looking for the right colleges to apply to and keeping my son on track, LifeLaunchr has been invaluable.

    Natasha L.

    Parent, San Francisco, CA, Design Tech High School

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