Happy College Signing Day

LifeLaunchr is proud to join in the College Signing Day initiative. Our students have been accepted into top public universities including the Universities of California, Oregon, Arizona, Georgia, and Texas, Sonoma State University, and San Francisco State University. And they have been accepted into private universities including Bard College, Hampshire College, the University of San Francisco,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology to Oxford University. Some are headed to great two-year colleges and some to gap years. We’re proud of all of them!!

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Creating An Authentic Balance in Your College List

For many high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors, creating a college list can feel intimidating. It feels as if a whole life depends on making the “right” decision, and for some students, that can create overwhelming pressure. The key to making a good college list is to find an authentic balance: of likelihood, cost, earnings, educational program, culture, and other factors.

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Understanding Financial Aid Award Letters

March and April are when many students receive admissions acceptance letters from universities. Accompanying those letters, or following soon thereafter, come financial aid award letters. For many families, these award letters are confusing and opaque. Understanding them is critical as you make decisions on which college to attend and how to pay for it.

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How Many College Admissions Essays Will I Have to Write?

As the number of colleges students apply to continues to grow, the number of college admissions essays students have to write goes up as well. If you’re a sophomore or junior (or the parent of one) starting to think about college applications, you might be wondering: “How many college admissions essays will I have to write?”

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The LifeLaunchr Webinar: U.K. College Admissions

The deadline for applying to U.K. universities for Fall 2018 admission is coming up fast, on January 15, 2018.  That’s also the deadline to apply for deferred admissions for Fall 2019. LifeLaunchr’s recent webinar “Applying to College in the U.K.? Meet the January 15 deadline!” helped parents and students by providing expert advice on U.K. college admissions from LifeLaunchr coach Amy Garrou.

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