How to Ask For a Letter of Recommendation for College Admissions

For most high-school students, college applications are the first time they’ll ask for a letter of recommendation. But it likely won’t be the last time, since many job applications require letters of recommendation as well. So the process you follow for college is a good learning experience, and teaches a skill that can be very valuable later in life. Here are some tips.

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Using Summer Wisely to Get Started on College Admissions

For high school students all over the country, summer vacation can be a moment to take a break after all the AP exams, standardized tests, and an intense school year. But it’s also a time to really focus on college admissions and college planning. Why? Because once fall semester starts, the calendar moves really fast!

Here’s a great list of things parents and students can do over the summer!

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Showcase Your Extracurricular Activities for College Admissions

Extracurricular activities are an important part of any college application. When you list these activities on your application, colleges use that to look at whether you’ve shown leadership or taken the initiative. They also use it to look at whether you’ve been involved in an area that is of relevance to your prospective major, or other relevant reasons. Here are some tips on how best to showcase your extracurricular activities for college applications.

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13 Insider Tips From College Admissions Counselors

College is a consequential decision, and the admissions process can be complex and stressful. To give families a head start, we at LifeLaunchr compiled this selection of insider tips from college admissions counselors in the country – people who have helped thousands of students find and get into great-fit schools.

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Happy College Signing Day

LifeLaunchr is proud to join in the College Signing Day initiative. Our students have been accepted into top public universities including the Universities of California, Oregon, Arizona, Georgia, and Texas, Sonoma State University, and San Francisco State University. And they have been accepted into private universities including Bard College, Hampshire College, the University of San Francisco,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology to Oxford University. Some are headed to great two-year colleges and some to gap years. We’re proud of all of them!!

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