Stay On Track Coaching Package

Maximize College and Career Options All Through High School

For Students in Their Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Years

Only $1495/year

LifeLaunchr is such a helpful resource for a really challenging endeavor. It breaks a daunting process into more manageable pieces and creates a timeline so you never feel the panic of unexpected due dates or deadlines-Amy S., Parent

The Stay on Track Coaching Package Includes:

A Personalized Plan Developed For You By Your Coach

Your coach will develop a personalized admissions plan tailored to your needs based on our intensively-researched templates. You and your coach will track progress using your plan and update it as needed. Our coaches are expert and credentialed. Learn more about our coaches at this link.

LifeLaunchr's Intensively-Researched Coaching Process

LifeLaunchr’s process integrates great coaches, proprietary tools, and unique resources to help with every step of the college admissions process. For more details on how LifeLaunchr’s coaching works, click here.

One 30-minute consultation each month

You’ll get one consultation each month with your credentialed, experienced LifeLaunchr coach. Additional consultations are available for a fee. You’ll also receive unlimited answers to questions through LifeLaunchr.

LifeLaunchr Tools for All Aspects of the College Admissions Process

LifeLaunchr tools like College Match™ and Scholarship Match™ help you find colleges and scholarships that fit your goals, needs, and budget. Our tools help with college research, essays, and all the other steps in the college admissions process.

Monthly priority videos and deadline reminders

LifeLaunchr’s monthly videos help you stay on track with the entire process. Our text-message and email reminders also alert you to key dates: scholarships, tests, and applications.

LifeLaunchr has a meticulously designed proprietary coaching process. Click here to learn more.

Only $1495/year

Stay on Track Coaching Packae Consultations Cover:


  • Review course selection and school progress
  • Recommend tutoring or other help as needed

Extracurriculars and Community Involvement

  • Help students build a track record of accomplishment and a sense of purpose
  • Plan summer programs and enrichment activities
  • Discuss clubs and extracurricular activities
  • Discuss sports plans and workload
  • Identify opportunities for exploring interests

Major and Career Planning

  • Administer aptitude and interest test
  • Work through LifeLaunchr’s major exploration exercises
  • Identify potential majors
  • Identify potential careers


  • Review practice test scores and create a testing strategy
  • Recommend tutoring/coaching as needed
  • Plan for other required tests

College Application Essays

  • Identify potential essay topics
  • Discuss ways to improve writing


  • Draft and edit resumé
  • Create extracurricular profile


  • Generate initial cost estimates and budget
  • Create a scholarship list and work on applications

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LifeLaunchr Students Have Been Accepted at Dozens of Top Universities

  • Ivy+ Universities
  • Private Universities
  • Liberal Arts Colleges
  • State Universities
  • Engineering Colleges
  • Pre-Med and Guaranteed Admission Medical Programs
  • Direct-Admit and Other Nursing Programs
  • Music, Theater and other Performing Arts Programs
  • Design and Visual Arts Programs
  • International Universities in the U.K. and Canada
  • Graduate Programs

To see a selected list of our students' acceptances, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Help With Summer Programs and Internships?

Your LifeLaunchr coach will help you select summer programs and internships in a thoughtful way that explores your career and personal interests and positions you well for college.

Do you Help Find Scholarships?

LifeLaunchr helps students identify scholarships at colleges during the college research process. We also provide tools and support to students to identify outside scholarships using our Scholarship Match tool and external partnerships.

Only $1495/year


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