LifeLaunchr Coaching Packages

LifeLaunchr Offers a Comprehensive Variety of Coaching Packages for all Families.

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Personalized College Assessment


For All High School Students

“We loved Lifelaunchr’s information and help! So much
personal, professional guidance.”
– Sharon S., Parent

Get a Personalized, Expertly Curated College List

Includes Two 30-Minute Consultations::

  • First, review over your priorities and goals with your expert LifeLaunchr coach.
  • Then, receive your assessment and meet to go over your plan of action.

Your Personalized Consultation Will Include:

  • Statistical Likelihood Estimations
  • Admissions Factors for Each University
  • Application Requirements for Each University

Stay On Track Coaching Package

$500/Year or $59.95/Month

For Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors

“Like a Professional College Counselor In
the Family”
– Carol L,, Parent

Maximize Your Options for College and Career All Through High School

The Stay On Track Package Includes:

  • One 30-Minute Consultation Each Month: Covering Academics, Extracurriculars, Career Planning, Test Planning, College Selection, Resumé-Building, Essay Planning, and more.
  • Monthly Priority Videos and Deadline Reminders
  • LifeLaunchr’s Tools for College Matching, Scholarship Matching, and Interest Exploration

Intensive Support Coaching Package

$2,800/One-Time or $295/Month

For Juniors, Seniors, and Transfer Students

“One of the Best Decisions We Made in Helping
our Son Apply to College!”
– Lisa K,, Parent

Get Expert, Professional Help to Find Your Best-Fit College and Get In

The Intensive Support Package Includes:

  • Up to 25 30-Minute Consultations Covering College Research and Selection, Essay Drafting and Review, Letters of Recommendation, Resumé-Writing, Test Planning, Financial Aid and Scholarships, and more.
  • Monthly Priority Videos and Deadline Reminders
  • LifeLaunchr’s Tools for College Matching, Scholarship Matching, and Interest Exploration

Custom Coaching Packages

Prices Vary

For Special Situations

“As an international student, unfamiliar with the college admissions process in the USA, I was grateful for guidance and support throughout the process,” – Marina S., Student

For International Admissions, Graduate School, and Ultra-Selective Colleges

LifeLaunchr Offers Custom Coaching Packages for:

  • Admissions to Colleges in the U.K. or Canada
  • International Students Seeking Admission in the U.S., U.K, and Canada
  • Admissions to Very Selective Institutions
  • Students with Specific Situations
  • All packages include LifeLaunchr’s monthly Priority Videos and Deadline Reminders, and tools for College Matching, Scholarship Matching, and Interest Exploration

LifeLaunchr's Track Record of Success


Of Clients Admitted to 8 of 10 Top Choices

Clients Have Used LifeLaunchr

LifeLaunchr Students Have Been Accepted at Dozens of Top Universities

  • Ivy+ Universities
  • Private Universities
  • Liberal Arts Colleges
  • State Universities
  • Engineering Colleges
  • Pre-Med and Guaranteed Admission
  • Medical Programs
  • Direct-Admit and Other Nursing Programs
  • Music, Theater and other Performing Arts Programs
  • Design and Visual Arts Programs
  • International Universities in the U.K. and Canada
  • Graduate Programs

To see a selected list of our students' acceptances, click here.

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