LifeLaunchr Offers a Variety of All-Inclusive Coaching Packages and A-La-Carte Options

We have coaching packages for students in all years of high school, as well as graduate applicants, international students, and students with special circumstances.

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Coaching Packages

A-La-Carte Coaching and Courses

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How LifeLaunchr's College Admissions Coaching Can Help You

Expert Coaching

Coaching with all aspects of the complex college admissions process: essays, financial aid, college selection, application support


Priorities and Deadline Reminders

Reminders of scholarships, college application deadlines, test, and college fairs based on LifeLaunchr’s four-year roadmap for high school


A Comprehensive Set of Coaching Packages

LifeLaunchr's coaching packages provide affordable, high-quality coaching to students at every stage of their college admissions process.

LifeLaunchr College Match

LifeLaunchr College Match helps you find colleges based on over 35 criteria and assess your costs, likelihood of admission, and earnings potential

LifeLaunchr Scholarship Match

LifeLaunchr Scholarship Match connects you with legitimate scholarships tailored to you, based on over two dozen criteria


College & Career Planning Tools

LifeLaunchr’s college and career planning tools allow you to explore career alternatives and discover the best fit for you

LifeLaunchr Students Have Been Accepted at Dozens of Top Universities

  • Ivy+ Universities
  • Private Universities
  • Liberal Arts Colleges
  • State Universities
  • Engineering Colleges
  • Pre-Med and Guaranteed Admission
  • Medical Programs
  • Direct-Admit and Other Nursing Programs
  • Music, Theater and other Performing Arts Programs
  • Design and Visual Arts Programs
  • International Universities in the U.K. and Canada
  • Graduate Programs

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