Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation

Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation

Schedule a free consultation so we can learn more about you and your needs and you can understand which LifeLaunchr offering is best suited to you.

Commonly-Asked Questions About the Initial Consultation

What Years of High School is LifeLaunchr Best Suited For?

LifeLaunchr has coaching packages for students in every year of high school, and you can benefit from our coaching starting as early as freshman year. The intensity of coaching varies over time, but students often benefit from our mentorship and expertise throughout their high school years. We also work with transfer students and graduate applicants.

Who will I meet with?

We assign initial consultations to coaches based on the best fit for you. If there’s one coach you’d particularly like to meet with, please choose.

How do your meetings work?

All our meetings are held over Zoom, and they usually last 30 minutes. After each meeting, the family receives a session report that lays out what was discussed and identifies the options to continue working with LifeLaunchr. 

How Should I Prepare for the Initial Meeting?

We will send you a link to an intake form that will take about five minutes to complete. Please submit it ahead of our meeting so that we can be best prepared for the session.

Who Should be at the Initial Consultation?

Ideally, at least one parent and the teen will attend, as it’s important for both to understand how our services work for the family.

What Topics are Discussed at the Initial Meeting?

We spend about 10 minutes getting to know the teen and understand their priorities (and those of the family). We then spend 10 minutes laying out how our process might work an help the student. Finally, we take about 10 minutes to answer questions.

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