On-Demand College Admissions Coaching to Find Your Best-Fit College and Get In

Expert Coaching When You Need It

For Students in All Years of High School

Only $425/Year

Lifelaunchr WAS amazing at helping manage the timelines and help my son stay on track. After every meeting, I would get a clear & concise report of progress made and next steps. – KEDAR N., Parent

The On-Demand Coaching Package Includes:

A Personalized College Admissions Plan Tailored To Your Needs

Your coach will develop a personalized plan tailored to your needs based on our intensively-researched templates. You can then track your progress, update your plan, and get reminders for all your tasks. Schedule on-demand college admissions coaching sessions from your dashboard when you’re ready.

Two 30-Minute Consultations Annually

Your coach will do two 30-minute consultations with you initially and then every year if you continue. You can have additional consultations, reviews, or other work when needed. We charge $100 for every half-hour of work.

LifeLaunchr Tools for Every Step in the College Admissions Process

LifeLaunchr tools like College Match™ and Scholarship Match™ help you find colleges and scholarships that fit your goals, needs, and budget. Our tools also help with college research, essays, and other steps in the process. On-demand college admissions coaching allows you to get expert help when you need it.

Aptitude and Interest Tests for Major and Career Planning

LifeLaunchr’s aptitude and interest tests allow you to assess different careers and majors that are a good fit.


Monthly priority videos and deadline reminders

LifeLaunchr’s monthly videos help you stay on track with the entire process. Our text-message and email reminders also alert you to key dates: scholarships, tests, and applications.

Only $425/year

On-Demand College Admissions Consultations Can Cover:

College Research and Selection

  • Help create an initial list of 20-25 colleges
  • Plan college visits
  • Create a college visit checklist
  • Build a final college list that balances target, likely, and reach schools

Major and Career Planning

  • Administer aptitude and interest test
  • Identify potential majors
  • Identify potential careers

Essay Drafting and Review

  • Help identify potential essay topics
  • Help develop initial draft of the Common/Coalition App essay
  • Refine and edit drafts to generate a final essay
  • Create a list of supplemental essay prompts and college-specific essays
  • Plan, revise, and edit additional essays

Letters of Recommendation

  • Help identify teachers/counselors/mentors to write recommendations
  • Provide advice on requesting recommendations

Resumé and Extracurricular Activities

  • Help draft and edit resumé
  • Help create activities list for applications

Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Initial cost estimates using FAFSA forecaster
  • Review net price calculator results for each college application
  • Provide assistance in filling out FAFSA and CSS/Profile
  • Create a scholarship list and plan applications


  • Answer questions about filling out CommonApp, Coalition Application, and state college applications

Test Planning

  • Review practice test scores and create a testing strategy
  • Recommend tutoring/coaching as needed
  • Plan for other required tests


  • Create an interview practice checklist with student
  • Do mock interviews

Ongoing Check-Ins Regarding

  • Review acceptances and offers
  • Help with requests on college portals for outstanding documents
  • Assist in course selection

LifeLaunchr Students Have Been Accepted at Dozens of Top Universities

  • Ivy+ Universities
  • Private Universities
  • Liberal Arts Colleges
  • State Universities
  • Engineering Colleges
  • Pre-Med and Guaranteed Admission Medical Programs
  • Direct-Admit and Other Nursing Programs
  • Music, Theater and other Performing Arts Programs
  • Design and Visual Arts Programs
  • International Universities in the U.K. and Canada
  • Graduate Programs

To see a selected list of our students' acceptances, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Help Find Scholarships?

LifeLaunchr helps students identify scholarships at colleges during the college research process. We also provide tools and support to students to identify outside scholarships using our Scholarship Match tool and external partnerships.

What is the Hourly Rate for Additional Help?

We charge $100 for every 30 minutes spent working with you or on your behalf. That includes meeting time. It also includes time spent on research, responding to questions that require over 15 minutes of work, or time spent reviewing essays.

Do you Help With Interviews?

We generally encourage students to do the interviews for colleges that offer or require interviews. We help students prepare for interviews and do mock interview sessions with them.

Only $425/year


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