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Self-discovery is the first step in applying to college or finding a great career. In this course, you will learn more about what you value and what makes you an interesting, unusual person.

You will learn what makes you unique through a guided series of exercises that explore character traits and values and help you connect the two.

By taking the VIA character strengths test, you’ll discover which qualities you use most in your life and your activities. Through a values exercise, you’ll think about the moral and philosophical principles that guide you. And by listing the ten most important things you want colleges to know about you, you’ll learn about what you consider interesting and unusual about yourself.

What You Should Expect

Here’s what you should expect to learn from this course:

  • Your top five character strengths
  • Your values, the principles that guide your actions
  • The ten things you most want colleges to know about you

Self-Discovery is Key to College and Career

This material for students working on their college application is critical to writing a great essay, as essays come from a process of self-discovery. A student’s application brings together many things – transcripts, test scores, and extracurricular activities, of course, but also values, interests, and passions. 

This process of self-discovery can also help students who aren’t sure yet what they want to do. It’s rare that an interests test directly yields an excellent career match, but it can provide ideas for programs or activities that explore matches. Using an experimental approach to finding careers is generally the best approach. 

Knowing yourself is the key to a successful college application. So start your journey to self-discovery today. Don’t forget to take the quizzes in each lesson after reading through the material and watching the videos!


Understand Your Character Strengths Discover Your Values Create Your Top Ten List