Personalized college admissions coaching platform earns 2018 Cool Tool Award from EdTech Digest

LifeLaunchr, a virtual college planning and admissions counseling service, was honored by EdTech Digest with a 2018 Cool Tool Award in the College Prep Solution category.

The EdTech Awards recognizes people in and around education for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere. Featuring ed tech’s best and brightest, the annual program shines a spotlight on cool tools, inspiring leaders and innovative trendsetters across the K-12, higher education, and skills and workforce sectors.

“Embarking on an expensive and consequential journey requires expert strategic and tactical help; this virtual coach for college planning thoughtfully helps students and families with the right tools for a better chance at success,” said Victor Rivero, Editor-in-Chief at EdTech Digest.

EdTech Digest further explained the mantle that leading companies like LifeLaunchr take on in education and society: “In this age of rapidly accelerating technological growth, it might be easy to lose sight of what moves everything forward: the indomitable power of the human spirit. But in no other field is the human spirit more alive than education, where educators and supporting technologists are literally shaping our future. The work of the educator is often undervalued and overlooked, but educators and the technologists supporting them play a leading role in our world.”

After the personal experience of struggling through the complex and opaque process of college planning and admissions with his daughter, Venkates “Swami” Swaminathan founded LifeLaunchr to create a better way for students and their families to find the right college and get in. The company helps families achieve their dreams of higher education through personalized college admissions coaching, timely notifications and reminders tailored to their needs, and a suite of courses, content and tools to help them expertly manage the process.

“We’re thrilled at the recognition by EdTech Digest,” said Venkates Swaminathan. “Families need help navigating the complex, opaque process of college admissions. College is now the second-most expensive investment families will make, next to their homes. Parents need expert help on building a roadmap for college, finding a university where a student will thrive, creating a plan for standardized testing, and building a realistic college financial plan.”

About LifeLaunchr

LifeLaunchr offers expert, personalized college admissions coaching. LifeLaunchr helps parents and their teens find and get into the best-fit college for them and afford it. College is the most expensive investment many families will make other than the home they own, and the average family can spend $120,000 or more on a four-year education for a child, with some spending as much as $280,000. So getting expert coaching has now become mainstream, as a result of the growing complexity of the process. Our coaching has helped students get into ivy league universities, top state schools, liberal arts colleges, and also engineering, pre-med, nursing, and performing arts programs The company won the EdTech Digest Cool Tools Award in 2018 and was a finalist again in 2019. It is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling.


Venkates Swaminathan, Founder & CEO

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