Public administration and social service is a great major if your passion is about making the world a better place through service. You’ll learn how government really works: not the idealized picture from Civics class, but the truth of how agencies make a difference. You’ll also prepare for careers working in government or as a social worker who works with low-income, disabled, and special-needs populations.

This video has a very personal summary of what a degree in social work (often related to public administration) can be used for:

This article from Human Services explains what it’s like to work in government or social service:

Being a public servant is a way one can give back to their community by working directly with members of that community who are in need. The satisfaction this brings to a public-sector worker is hard to overstate. From the smile of a small child who knows they will go shopping that night, to the relief in a senior’s eyes when their medical program is reinstated, few jobs will impact so many people in such positive ways.



Institutions Offering this Major

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