Precision manufacturing is the future of manufacturing. Whether it’s 3-D printing, nanotechnology, or customized manufacture, you’ll learn about the techniques and technologies that are involved in modern manufacturing. So if you think you’d enjoy building the factories of the future – to build smartphones, home technologies, and the Internet of things – this might be a great fit.

Hewlett Packard has a good video explaining one of the fields that’s part of this – nanotechnology:

This article from Cambridge University has a good summary on why this is such a fast-growing field:

Diagnostic smartphones are just one example of the new kinds of products that are going to need ultra precision manufacturing. The emergence of polymer or carbon-based semiconductor materials like graphene is driving research and development in areas such as the production of lower cost, more efficient solar cells and ‘printed electronics’ that can be used for flexible display screens and smart labelling. But, for these devices to become reality, companies are going to need a whole new set of production capabilities.

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