Health professions – nursing, medicine, home health care, psychiatry – are amongst the fastest growing professions, as the world population continues to age and medical technologies and treatments mean people spend ever more money on health care. To study these, you have to be prepared to spend a long time getting trained. Most of these fields involve not just going to college, but often going to graduate school, getting certified and interning, and then taking ongoing education to stay abreast of changes in these fields.

This video from one student at the University of Southampton might help you understand what studying one of the health professions – nursing – is like:

This article from Oxford Royale Academy is a useful summary of what studying medicine is like:

Being a medical student puts you in a very privileged position, among the very top students across the country. It generally seems to be the case that medics follow the mantra “work hard, play hard”. Most importantly, remember that being a student is not only a means to an end, but an end in itself. Make sure you make the most of being an undergraduate!


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