Communications technicians work on the devices you use to communicate. Building and maintaining radio towers that smartphones use to communicate, installing and maintaining the routers that the Internet runs on: these are done by communications technicians. If you’re a computer whiz, and love installing and maintaining this kind of software-driven equipment, you might enjoy this field.

This video from the Government of Alberta’s ALIS is a useful summary of what life as a communications technician might be like:

This article by has a useful summary of what a program in this major is like:

The coursework is divided between classroom instruction and lab experience. Through your work in the lab, you get the chance to gain familiarity with the testing and calibrating equipment used to analyze circuits and communications systems. You’ll also work with simulation computers, allowing you to practice and improve your repair abilities. Many programs feature an internship, in which degree candidates work as entry-level technicians for course credit.

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