Communications and journalism are among the many areas of study that have been profoundly affected by the Internet and smartphones. A generation ago, this was a staid career that moved so much slower than it does now. So if you are passionate about the news or about the ways in which politicians and media personalities communicate; or want a career as a journalist or public relations person, you might enjoy studying communications and journalism.

This video from students at Northeastern University has some great first-hand stories about what it’s like to study this field. has a good summary of careers in communications and journalism:

Communication degrees are often interdisciplinary, crossing over into English, psychology, business, media, ethics, technology, health, politics and other subject areas. Students learn many vital skills, from public speaking and media production to interpersonal communication and persuasive writing. The concentration/specialization you pursue and the internship(s) you complete will help pave the way to a particular communications degree job field. Jobs with a communication degree may be sought in almost every public and private sector.


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