Biology and biomedical sciences involves the study of living things, and all the techniques and technologies that are driving modern medicine, like genetic engineering and gene-splicing. If you care about curing disease, and dream about coming up with the next great innovation that transforms human health, or if you’d love to understand how bodies work and how anatomy and physiology are related, this might be a good fit.

This video by Emerald Robinson explains what it means to study biology:

Marquette University has a great article on all the careers and educational paths you can pursue with a degree in biology and biomedical sciences:

Some biomedical sciences majors choose to enter the work force immediately as science writers or as pharmaceutical sales reps and marketers. Most, however, choose to pursue advanced degrees at institutions such as Yale University; the Mayo Clinic; the University of California, Los Angeles; and the University of Wisconsin–Madison. This versatile major serves as an excellent background for many professional degrees.

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