Ethnic and cultural studies is a relatively new field that addresses the issues of bias, inequality, and discrimination both in terms of the individual and systemic issues they raise. If addressing racial inequality or gender bias is something you’re passionate about, you might enjoy this field, where you’ll study how they have evolved over time, and how often they are baked into our perceptions of the world.

This TEDx talk from Ron Espiritu talks about the importance of incorporating ethnic studies into the K-12 curriculum, and gives you some good insights into what you might learn if you focused on ethnic and cultural studies in college.

This article from Oregon State University has a good explanation of the field and what you might expect to study in it:

Given the interdisciplinary nature of the field, courses draw from a variety of disciplines such as literature, history, sociology and cultural studies. The deep and broad focus of the discipline not only prepares students for understanding the experiences of the various racialized minorities in the Unites States, but also helps them understand and examine American society at large, as well as the important continuities and commonalities across other national and racial boundaries.

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