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Venkates Swaminathan
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English, Hindi, Tamil
Venkates Swaminathan (Swami) is the founder and CEO of LifeLaunchr and a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling
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Karen McRoberts
College prep and life skills for my twin boys! by Karen McRoberts, 7:43 am I had the pleasure of hearing about Swami and Lifelaunchr’s business model through his beautiful partner and new friend of mine. Once she realized I had twin boys in high school who really needed some guidance, she mentioned this amazing opportunity. I really liked the idea of finding a coach other than my husband or myself. To date, we have only had two sessions with Swami but I have great hope that they will thrive under his care. I can tell they are responding to his gentle yet firm approach (so unlike mine). I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and am very excited moving forward. They are currently at the end of their freshman year and I very optimistic that each year will be more impactful. Thank you Swami!
by Karen McRoberts,
Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay
Very personal by Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay, 3:25 pm We first reached out to Swami after watching a seminar on UK admissions. From there, Lifelaunchr helped our son with the application process, both to US and UK schools. We were very appreciative of the fact that every session with our son was geared towards finding out what is it that he wanted to say and finding his own voice - rather than telling him what to do. The end result was something unique that was completely our son's voice. So, to us, these sessions were not about the essays, but more about helping our son identify who he is and what is it that he wants from his college education.
by Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay,
Shubhangi Verma
College admission and application process by Shubhangi Verma, 7:04 pm As of now, we had 3 sessions with swami and pretty impressed with the detail he gave us every time. I highly recommend lifelauncher We are grateful to Swami and lifelaunchr for the great service they offer. I hope with their help and experience this complicated and painful journey will be fruitful at the end.
by Shubhangi Verma,
Nagaraju Bandaru
Great collection of college admission advisors by Nagaraju Bandaru, 11:05 am I first reached out to Swami and lifelaunchr when we were looking for college admissions help for my daughter. The opportunity to pick and choose experts for each of areas that my daughter needed help with, was very appealing and ended up working out very well for us. We worked with Dr. Andrews for college selection and essays and Sy for test preparation. Both of them were awesome choices for us because they bonded with her very well and individualized the sessions to specific areas that she needed help with. Sy helped my daughter get over her test anxieties and Dr. Andrews was great to mentor her throughout the process. My daughter applied ED and was accepted to her school of choice. We are grateful to Swami and lifelaunchr for the great service they offer and I highly recommend lifelaunchr.
by Nagaraju Bandaru,
Barbara Aghamianz
Jane Hirschorn-Professional Writing Tutor by Barbara Aghamianz, 9:48 am I first contacted LifeLaunchr to get an idea of how to help my special needs son choose a school to fit his needs and to help him stand out in a crowd of other exceptional students. Swami guided us and gave us extremely helpful advice on how to approach these issues. I have to say that I appreciated the comments and that there was no "hard sell" to purchase services.
This led us to working with Jane Hirschorn and utilizing her to help fine tune my son's college essays. We thought that he was set because he had several very good essays before we started collaborating. Honestly, we were very naive. The first step is to write the essay. The second is to really tear it apart to build it back up. This was an interesting process. Jane has an innate ability and laser focus in helping the student recognize what is necessary language in the essay and how to expand (or in some cases excise) it.
While the Common App helps eliminate duplication on some levels, my son applied to 10 schools and each school had supplemental mini essays that also needed to be edited.
We are fortunate to live close to Jane so we met at her office but there were several times were we needed to work via Skype. Both options worked very well for us in utilizing her services. I can not recommend her enough.
Overall, I had a good experience with this group. My son applied to 10 schools and got into 9 so I think that speaks for itself.
by Barbara Aghamianz,

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