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College Planning is Overwhelming. LifeLaunchr Makes it Stress-Free.

LifeLaunchr Membership Gives You:

Personalized Priorities and Deadline Reminders

You’ll get your own personalized priority task list for college planning and reminders of key deadlines – for standardized tests, applications, scholarships and financial aid.

Twice-Monthly Emails with Everything You Need to Know

Our twice-monthly emails give you the information you need – about admissions, financial aid, scholarships, and testing – exactly when you need it.

Expert Answers to Your Questions

Have a question to ask or a story to share? You can ask any question, and you will get an answer from an expert.

Free Courses from Experts on College Admissions

LifeLaunchr Membership gives you free access to many LifeLaunchr courses on essay writing, scholarships, admissions, minimizing college costs, and other subjects. You’ll also receive 15% discounts on premium courses with any paid membership.

Free Access to LifeLaunchr's Premium Tools

LifeLaunchr’s tools helps you find universities that are a great fit, based on your financial needs, scholarships, GPA, test scores, location, size, and interests. They also help you find scholarships and majors that are a good fit for your interests.

Discounts on Expert Coaching

LifeLaunchr’s coaches are qualified, credentialed experts. Consulting them at critical times during the process will give you assurance you’re not making mistakes. Any paid LifeLaunchr Membership gives you a 15% discount on any coaching packages.

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