Personal and culinary services include careers from learning to work in a restaurant as a chef to hair styling and cosmetology. If you’d like to work in a business that is intensely customer service driven, and is about providing services to real people every day, this could be a great fit.

This video by Chef Candy Wallace, president of the American Personal & Private Chef Association, discusses employment opportunities for chefs in the United States:

Education Corner has a good summary of all the areas you might focus on:

Programs in personal or culinary services provide a broad range of educational opportunities. Personal services programs might include things like cosmetology and aesthetics, or even funeral services. Culinary programs will prepare students for a career in the restaurant or food preparation industries. There are a huge variety of concentrated studies in cosmetology to choose from, such as makeup arts, barbering, electrolysis, nail specialist, or hair design. Those interested in funeral services might choose funeral direction or mortuary science. In the culinary arts, individuals may choose to study general cooking, chef’s training, pastry baking, bartending, catering, wines, or more.

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