Multimedia and Media Studies are burgeoning fields, as media explode in diversity and range. Multimedia covers the use of multiple types of media – video, audio, animation, slides, text – and production styles – live, short-form, long-form – in media. Media studies covers not only multimedia production and creation, but also the more academic study of media: how to consume it wisely, use multiple sources to check information, and so on. If your aptitude spans the artistic, technical, and creative, this might be a great field for you to study.

This video, from San Francisco State University, summarizes what their multimedia program covers, and is a good overview of the field.

This article from Animation Career Review has a good summary of what you’ll learn:

A typical multimedia studies program requires coursework in computer animation, film studies, interactive media, journalism, new technologies, studies and practices in multimedia, television studies, and video production. Students will walk away from the program with knowledge of how different media and content forms work, as well as technical skills from animation to filmmaking to reporting. If they haven’t already, students will also master a variety of software programs from Illustrator to InDesign to Pro Tools.

Institutions Offering this Major

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