Mathematics and statistics aren’t just about numbers, calculations, and algebra. If you study mathematics and statistics, you can focus on game theory, or the statistics of political campaigns or baseball. This is a field with many practical applications – finance, politics, and sports, for example. It is also a field where you can study theoretical mathematics: math just for the joy of it. If you like symbolic reasoning, abstract thought, and models, this could be a good fit for you.

This video from Danny Doucette gives you 10 reasons why you should study mathematics and statistics:

Top Universities has a good blog post on the myths about studying mathematics:

Maths students are great problem-solvers, which means they can fit into any job in quite a lot of fields. Yes, you can teach or train to be an accountant, but you could also work for betting companies, running the program to calculate the live odds of the next footballer scoring in the big derby at the weekend. The possibilities are literally endless.


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