Agriculture is a modern, scientific enterprise these days. Farmers use satellites to plan planting schedules, use genetic engineering to improve yields and pest-resistance, and futures markets to ensure the right price for their products. But at it’s core, if you study agriculture, you should enjoy getting your hands in the dirt and growing food. Farmers work long hours sometimes, very early and very late, and are dependent on weather and climate for the success of their work. If you like working outside, using modern technology to grow food, and enjoy the idea of being a provider to others, this might be a great fit.

This video shows you some of the best universities where you can study agriculture:

Environmental Science has a good summary of what careers might be available in agriculture:

(People seeking careers in) Agriculture and Forestry (should) enjoy working outdoors and/or working with animals. The ability to work independently in potentially isolating environments is also a good trait to possess, as certain careers requiring fieldwork may place employees away from their homes and families for extended periods of time. It’s also important to know that some of these jobs are physically demanding and can be dangerous, depending on what kind of heavy equipment you’re required to use and what weather conditions you’re required to work in. Aversion to hard labor is not recommended for those wishing to break into the Agriculture and Forestry industry.

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