Amy Garrou’s U.K. Universities Application Coaching Package (for UCAS)

Meet The Coach

Amy Garrou
Amy Garrou


The application process for U.K. Universities is complex, and very different than the application for U.S. universities. Amy Garrou is an experienced counselor and coach who has helped dozens of U.S. based students apply to, and get admission into top U.K. universities including Oxford, Cambridge, and many others. This U.K. Universities Application Coaching Package will help U.S. students and families navigate the process of applying to college in the U.K.


The UK is an excellent choice for students who have a strong interest in a subject or subject area and want a truly international study experience.  Offering many three-year bachelor’s degrees, universities in the UK are attracting more US-based students each year.  The application process is more streamlined than in the US, although what admissions readers are looking for is quite different.

The deadline for UK applications is January 15!  There is still time to apply to most universities and programs in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, but students need to start immediately.

Amy Garrou offers a coaching package to get you through the process smoothly.  She is an experienced counselor and coach who has helped dozens of U.S.-based students apply and get admission into top U.K. universities.

U.K. Universities Coaching Package

This package offers

  • Expert knowledge of U.K. universities, including specialized programs such as art & design
  • Resources for learning about U.K. admission
  • Interests test and personality test offered through LifeLaunchr, plus comprehensive reports on the results, indicating majors suggested by the test results
  • Individualized research and guidance on selecting the five best-fit UK programs
  • Guidance on all aspects of the U.K. Universities application (UCAS), including
    • Writing the personal statement
    • Testing requirements
    • Recommendation and other school-related information
  • 10 hours of individual consultation and research (Skype, FaceTime, or email)

For more information, please call LifeLaunchr at 855-236-6363 for assistance.

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