Jane Hirschhorn’s Simplified Common Application Essay Coaching Package

Meet The Coach

Jane Hirschhorn
Jane Hirschhorn


This is a simplified Common Application essay coaching package, recommended for students who already have a rough draft. Jane Hirschhorn will help you edit it with up to two one hour Skype sessions. In addition, you'll get three draft reviews with written feedback via email.


The Common Application essay is a critical part of your application, helping students stand apart from the many others with similar test scores and transcripts.

For students who already have a rough draft of their Common Application essay, this coaching package will help you put the finishing touches on it. It includes:

  • Up to two one hour Skype sessions to review and edit your essay
  • Three draft reviews with written feedback via email.
  • Revising and editing the essays
  • Finalizing your submissions and making sure there aren’t any grammatical, spelling, or word-length errors.

Jane Hirschhorn has 20+ years experience helping students write authentic, well-crafted essays that have enabled them to gain admission into top universities including the Universities of California. For more information about her approach, check out her profile on LifeLaunchr, schedule a free consultation, or take one of her courses on LifeLaunchr.

This product comes with a free year’s membership to LifeLaunchr, and gives you access to all the tools, discounts, and courses membership comes with. For more information on membership, click here.

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