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Build an online profile for your college coaching practice, find clients worldwide, and generate new income streams from courses based on your expertise.

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Create an Online Profile For Your College Coaching Practice

The Benefits of Registering on LifeLaunchr


Set Your Own Schedule

Connect with students worldwide; and work as many or as few hours as you want.

Generate Income and Visibility From Courses You Create

Generate income from courses you create on the topics you’re expert in. Generate visibility from free courses or giveaways.

Get Coaching Clients from All Over the World

Be discovered by students and families worldwide. LifeLaunchr handles bookings, confirmations, and payment. You get paid.

How LifeLaunchr Works


Create a LifeLaunchr Coach Profile

Once you’re signed up, create a profile that presents your expertise and credentials. Request your clients to rate you, so you have the best rating and reviews possible.

Create Courses

We work with you to define courses you can offer, help you with production and pricing, and then offer them in our catalog. You get 70% of revenues from any of your courses.


Integrate Your Calendar and Allow Clients to Book You.

We also work with you to integrate your calendar and services into our systems. When parents and students book consultations with you, we collect the fees via credit card, and you get 70%. Marketing and credit-card fees are our expenses, not yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Accept Coaching Clients, if I Only Want to Create Courses?

Absolutely not. You get to decide whether and when to accept coaching clients. If you only want to create courses, or even just use your profile for marketing purposes, that is absolutely fine.

How Do I Invite Clients to Rate and Review Me?

Once you’ve created a profile, you can share the link to your profile via email, or on social media. People can view your profile, and submit ratings. They will have to create a free profile to submit their reviews and rating, but we protect their privacy and will not sell their information.

Can I Link To My Own Website?

Absolutely. Your profile has a field in it for your personal website. People who view your profile can click through.

Can I Set My Own Prices For Coaching?

Absolutely. We do encourage all coaches to offer a free 15 minute consultation which can be booked through LifeLaunchr (if you offer coaching services). Beyond that, you can define your hourly rate for consultations, as well as define your own packages and prices. Once you create your profile, LifeLaunchr will work with you on getting that set up. It only takes a few minutes.

How Do I Ensure I Don't Get Double-Booked?

You can set your own time availability for LifeLaunchr: i.e., you can define which days and hours you work, and also define vacation times. You can also connect LifeLaunchr’s booking service to your Google calendar, so that if you have another commitment at any time, it won’t show as available. Occasionally, in spite of all that, a conflict will occur, and you can reach out to a client and ask to reschedule.

How does LifeLaunchr Handle Payment?

When users take courses that require payment, LifeLaunchr collects payment. Once a month, your share (70%) of these payments will be sent to you. You will receive a statement showing who signed up. You will also receive an email each time a student or parent signs up for a course you create.

When clients book sessions or packages, LifeLaunchr collects payment via credit card. Once you complete a session, please complete the coach appointment form (which you’ll find in your menu). We will then ask the client for their feedback on the session and send payment for your share to you. Likewise when a student books a package, we’ll collect payment. Your portion of this payment will be immediately remitted to you. Your payment will be for your share of the total paid by the student (70%).

All payments can be either sent to you by check or deposited directly into your bank account. At the end of each year, LifeLaunchr will issue a 1099 if one is needed.

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