Scholarship Strategies – Finding and Winning the Money You Need

Scholarship Strategies


Jean O'Toole
Jean O'Toole

Here's Why You Should Take This Course

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There are millions of dollars in scholarships available for students of every income level. But for most families and students, the process is not effective. Scholarship expert Jean O’Toole shows you how to approach the outside scholarship process differently, and GET BETTER RESULTS.

This 3-part webinar series, led by Jean, will SIMPLIFY the process of identifying and securing scholarships. It will empower students and families to:

  • Incorporate a “money mission” into your daily schedule to get the money to pay for college.
  • Find the scholarship categories that have the highest return on time investment, and avoid scams.


Thought you would like to know: our 41 grads were all accepted into college and earned $5.6 million in scholarship funding. Thanks for your help !!
Jean is a powerhouse! I felt completely clueless before, but now I know I can help my child get through college without accumulating a lifetime of debt! Thank You!
When my husband suggested your course, I was hesitant thinking it might be a waste of money. I was so wrong! You opened our eyes to so many ideas. I’m incredibly thankful for your valuable sessions.


LESSON 1: Explode Myths and Expand Your Scholarship Possibilities

Length: 52 minutesComplexity: Easy

Lesson One of “Scholarship Strategies” will explode some common myths & misconceptions about scholarships. It will show you some common mistakes students make in pursuing scholarships, and which scholarship categories have the Highest ROI. Finally, it will teach you how to identify and avoid scholarship scams.
How to Identify and Avoid Scams

LESSON 2: Create Your “Money Mission” to Find Great Scholarships

Length: 50 minutesComplexity: Easy

Lesson 2 of “Scholarship Strategies” will teach you how to maximize the resources at your school and find scholarships outside of your school. You will also learn how to create a personal, non-traditional plan of action to find scholarships, and how to incorporate a scholarship “money mission.” into your schedule every day, even with your other extra-curricular time commitments.

LESSON 3: Improve Your Odds of Winning Scholarships and Take Your “Money Mission” to the Next Level

Length: 68 minutesComplexity: Easy

In Lesson 3 of “Scholarship Strategies,” you will learn how to strategically choose scholarships to apply to. You will find which scholarships have higher odds of winning. You will learn how to catch the attention of the scholarship committees. And you will learn true “out –of-the-box” actions that are available for ALL students to maximize both opportunities and potential awards.

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