Breaking it Down and Getting it Done: The College Essay, Part 2


Jane Hirschhorn
Jane Hirschhorn

Here's Why You Should Take This Course

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This course is part two of a two-part course that will help you write a polished, authentic college essay. Jane Hirschhorn brings 20 years of expertise to bear in helping you create a well-crafted essay step-by-step. She holds a degrees from Tufts University and Emory University. Her students have gone on to Ivy League universities, Liberal Arts Colleges, and state universities. This second part takes you through all the techniques you can use in revising your first rough draft to polish your essay, and make it stand out from all the others.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this course:

  • How to revise and edit your essay using the techniques great writers use to create interest
  • How to ignore some of the “rules” you learned in school to create a better essay
  • How to create a final draft that captures your story and makes it really stand out!

Along the way you’ll see examples of great essays. Jane will explain what makes each essay compelling, and what you can learn from them.


Who should take this course?

  • Parents of high school sophomores, juniors and seniors who want to make sure their teens write a great essay
  • Sophomores, juniors, and seniors who know they need help writing an essay that will stand out and set them apart.


LifeLaunchr 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
Jane Hirschhorn was a wonderful tutor for my son during his process of writing his college essays. Because of her help he was accepted to many great colleges that he applied for. She is great at speaking with students and my son could have not been able to write his essays well without her help. I highly recommend her to all students who need help with their writing!
Jane Hirschhorn did a great job coaching my son through the college essay process. She was great about last minute schedule changes going through the summer before senior year, and also great about making sure he made progress and maintained focus throughout the summer. Her feedback to me was also helpful to keep my mind at ease. My son ultimately got into all the colleges he applied to and Jane’s help removed a lot of the stress from the process. Could not have done it without her.
Jane Hirschhorn is a great coach! She provided feedback on my daughter’s college essays. As a result, my daughter was accepted to most of the colleges to which she applied. Jane is excellent at communicating with teens and my daughter felt at ease working with her and taking her advice. I highly recommend Jane to parents that are serious about giving their child an edge when submitting their college application!


Introduction and Planning

Length: 6 minutesComplexity: Easy

In lesson one, Jane gets you started by helping create a timeline for the revision of your essay into a final draft. This timeline will help you track to see how you’re doing, and not find yourself in a deadline crunch at the end.

Revising Your Essay: The Hook

Length: 3 minutesComplexity: Easy

In lesson three, Jane talks about the importance of creating a “hook:” a compelling beginning that will instantly capture the reader’s attention.

Revising Your Essay: Sentences

Length: 5 minutesComplexity: Easy

In lesson six, Jane talks about how you can use different types of sentences: simple, compound, and complex; and sentence lengths to create interest in your writing.

Revising Your Essay: Words and Word-Count

Length: 4 minutesComplexity: Easy

In lesson seven, Jane talks about how you can use different words to create effect in your essays. This lesson also shows you techniques to start lengthening or shortening your essay to make sure you fit within the word count requirement.

Getting Feedback

Length: -14 minutesComplexity: Easy

In lesson eight, Jane talks about how you can get specific, constructive feedback from people on your essay. Getting people to read your essay and revising it is a critical part of the process.

Revising Based on Feedback

Length: 2 minutesComplexity: Easy

In lesson nine (you’re almost done!), Jane gives you tips for incorporating the feedback you receive into your essay, and still keeping it authentic and in your own voice.

The Finale!! Proofreading and Editing

Length: 6 minutesComplexity: Easy

In lesson ten, you’ll learn techniques for proofreading and making final revisions to your essay so you don’t have spelling or grammatical errors. Then you have your essay, ready to submit!

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