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We’ve included nearly every degree-granting university in the country in our list and have extensive information about each in the database.

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Wherever possible, we’ve included links to virtual tours in college profiles. Check them out. They give you a great sense of what a school or program is really like.

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We track deadlines for colleges and programs, so you don’t have to. LifeLaunchr will send you alerts on key deadlines for applications for an colleges or programs you follow so you don’t miss a date!


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Click the “Follow” button for a college or program you find interesting. If you’re not registered you’ll be asked to create a free account on LifeLaunchr (which has many benefits). Then you can stay up-to-date with the latest news from the university.

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Schools really care a lot about a demonstrated interest in attending. If you’re interested in a school, drop them a line. They can answer your questions, and you can improve your odds of acceptance.

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