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Outline, draft, and revise your essay with Jane Hirschhorn

Jane Hirschhorn

Jane Hirschhorn

Essay Coach

Jane Hirschhorn has 20+ years of experience helping students write authentic, well-crafted essays that have enabled them to gain admission into top universities including Yale, Harvard, Brown, Middlebury, William and Mary, New York University, Georgetown, Rice, University of Michigan, University of Virginia, and the Universities of California. For more information, visit her LifeLaunchr profile.

Jane holds a Master of Arts degree in Teaching from Tufts University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Emory University.

Jane really gave me some great advice for my essays and helped them stand out! Without her help, my essays would not have been as good as they were. I would highly recommend her!

Kedar Raman

Student, Plano, TX

Jane made a significant difference in my son’s essays, and he was accepted at all his top schools! She pulled out the best stories and ensured he was writing with his own voice and his own words.

Steve Lamont

Parent, Millbrae, CA

Jane did an amazing job guiding and sculpting my son’s college essay in it’s final stages. She respectfully and wisely tutored him as he created the final draft in collaboration with her editor’s eye.

Bobbie London

Parent, Boston Area, MA

Jane Hirschhorn was a wonderful tutor for my son during his process of writing his college essays. Because of her help, he was accepted to many great colleges that he applied for.

J. Chen

Parent, Boston Area, MA

College Essay Boot Camp Overview

Proven Collaborative Techniques to Write Winning Essays

Jane will lead students through a process that is proven to succeed – in helping them find topics, write good drafts, and revise them.

Real-Time Feedback, Including One-on-One Coaching

Each student will receive personal, one-on-one attention and coaching. In addition, students will benefit from working with other students in a collaborative atmosphere.

Virtual Boot Camp Offered via Zoom and Google Classroom

Makes it convenient for students to complete from anywhere over the summer. Zoom and Google both include tools for students to collaborate, ask questions, and share drafts as they move through the class.

Price: $450. Includes:
  • Two group sessions and one 1-1 essay review with Jane Hirschhorn
    • Sessions will be recorded, so if you cannot make the session, you can listen later. You will also be able to send in your questions ahead of time.
  • First Session: Choosing Your Topic and Creating the First Draft
    • July 8, 7 PM EDT/4 PM PDT
  • Second Session: Revising and Polishing Your Draft
    • July 15, 7 PM EDT/4 PM PDT
  • Third Session: One-on-one Review with Jane
    • Time TBD
    • You’ll get instructions on scheduling this when you sign up


  • A weekly office hour with Jane via video-conference
  • Additional one-on-one coaching with Jane for a discounted additional fee

College Essay Boot Camp Details

  • Reviewing essays that have worked, not to use as templates, but to give students a sense of how to tell their story compellingly.
  • Identifying the key goals of a college essay and narrative forms that can serve as a basis for the essay.
  • Brainstorming life events that can serve as an essay topic
  • Finding the plot from analyzing and discussing these events
  • Crafting the first draft
  • Revising the draft using storytelling techniques such as:
    • Starting the story at the high point
    • Ending the story at the high point
    • Using dialogue
    • Using one-sentence paragraphs
    • Using sensory detail to enhance the narrative
  • Reviewing the essay for length, grammar, and usage, and making edits and corrections.

LifeLaunchr’s Award-Winning Service

Embarking on an expensive and consequential journey requires expert strategic and tactical help; this virtual coach for college planning thoughtfully helps students and families with the right tools for a better chance at success.

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LifeLaunchr’s new tool offers personalized college planning, admissions platform … reducing the need to track down information in various locations around the Internet.

Education Dive

Over 2,000 Families Have Used LifeLaunchr

From the access to advice from seasoned writing coaches to the reminders to the scholarship emails, it was almost like we had a professional college counselor in the family.

Carol L.

Parent, Piedmont, CA, Piedmont High School

I wanted to help my special needs son choose a school to fit his needs and to stand out among other exceptional students. LifeLaunchr  gave us extremely helpful advice on how to approach these issues.

Barbara A.

Parent, Boston, MA

LifeLaunchr really helped not only in terms of picking a college and choosing the right one, but in the college application process, because it's such a lengthy and confusing process.

Kedar Raman

Student, Plano, TX

From outstanding math and science tutoring for subject tests to fantastic essay writing support to expert help looking for the right colleges to apply to and keeping my son on track, LifeLaunchr has been invaluable.

Natasha L.

Parent, San Francisco, CA, Design Tech High School

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